The company

Who are we ?


French engineering firm Mercier is a leader in the field of transmissions, with several decades of experience in gear cutting. Whatever the size or type of gear you entrust to us, our skilled and motivated team are at your service.

With ISO 9001 certification already under our belt - and awaiting EN 9100 - we can be trusted with your business.

Mercier cuts a wide variety of gears. We can handle all types of gear teeth on parts of virtually any shape, and most materials from the softest to the very hardest.

We specialise in precision gear cutting from 2 mm to 250 mm for prototypes or small and medium series production for all industries, with the majority of our customers in the aeronautics sector.

Our expertise in this area is a great benefit to our customers, who rely on our skilled and experienced team for accurate help and advice. We enjoy sharing our know-how to ensure you get the very best product. 

Breakdown of Business Areas


Our technical expertise is sought after by the biggest players in the industry:



with whom we work directly or through the intermediary of primary or sub-contracted suppliers. We can provide inter operation or complete supply of finished goods.


Complete manufacturing of drive shafts for propulsion units.


Precision racks and splined shafts are parts that allow doors and security locks to be safely opened and closed.


We manufacture gears for tank transmissions and work as tooth-cutting subcontractors for transmission parts mounted on equipment used by the armaments industry.



Manufacturing of crowns and miniaturised gears that facilitate the movements of mini robots.


Subcontracted tooth cutting operation on components mounted in the Vinci and Vulcain cryogenic rocket engines for space launchers.


Our SME structure means we can stay close to our local business customers and provide a fast, efficient repair service. 

Our values

As a company, we are committed to:

  • Bringing out and developing the talents of every member of the team
  • Respecting difference
  • Recruiting and training young apprentices, to safeguard our company's future and to ensure the skills of gear cutting are maintained
  • Combatting racial and sexual discrimination
  • Respecting all generations
  • Promoting solidarity and a team spirit
  • Building a 'no-blame, no-judgment' company culture

A clean, tidy and organised working environment:

  • To enhance our quality of life
  • To ensure safety at all stages of the production process
  • To reduce downtime
  • To support innovation
  • Continuous Improvement Working Group, 5S, 5M (simple and accessible management tools to improve efficiency)


Mercier is an SME sub-contractor that serves all areas of industry, operating mainly in the aeronautics and aerospace sectors.

Invotech and Vincent Laugueux bought the company in 2010 and since then Mercier has seen rapid growth, with turnover increasing from €980 K to €2.1 million between 2011 and 2014.

In 2013 Invotech seized an opportunity for external growth by acquiring UCMI, an SME in Bagnols-sur-Cèze that provides engineering services complementary to Mercier's, so that we can offer clients more comprehensive provision.

We design and produce small to mid-sized gears and other transmission elements for customers across the board.

Mercier is a supplier of choice for the biggest players in the industry, who value the skills and professionalism of our teams and also appreciate our new highly efficient machining plant.

The next essential step in our development is to set up export operations and potentially to acquire a further business entity.

Our aim is to expand our commercial offering and grow the Invotech Group to reach a critical mass of 60 staff.